Who am I? What am I? Just a dreamer...

I will start this blog with a little autobiography.

In 2015, I graduated from university with a degree in Automatic Electric Drive.

From 2015 to 2016 served in the army.

In 2016 I got a job in the automated process control department of one of the enterprises of my city, where I work to this day.

In 2018 doing routine work I had an idea of a small program that would make my life easier and so I started to learn Java.

In 2019 year I got interested in 3d-printing and in the same year I learned Python and wrote bot for Telegram.

At university, we played Project Zomboid with a large group of people. And so in 2020 year I decided to play this long-built game again (the game has been in development since 2011 and hasn’t been released yet). After spending some time in the game I wanted to add some new features to it, so I started modding. The game is written in Java, so my experience with this language was very useful.

From 2020 to 2022 year I spent almost all my free time developing mods. During that time I spent over 2,000 hours in the game itself alone, setting up and debugging scripts. I spent over 800 hours in Blender during the same period, spending most of it on texturing and animating. After assembling a small team, we started a “mini-factory” to produce mods, shoot content for YouTube, and provide custom modpacks. Everything was going great, there was no shortage of clients, and the team was happy. And then February 2022 happened.

EU sanctions cut off our financial flows, the ruble’s exchange rate noticeably reduced our income. The team scattered, most of them just decided to do something else. I myself gave up all my studies, all my hobbies, all that programming/modeling/animating stuff, and just spent time with my family.

The creative crisis lasted until 23.11.2022. On this day, I finally had another idea that I wanted to implement: an Android app. For several weeks now I have been developing it in the evenings. And here I am at the final stage, but in order to continue the development I needed a website, which would be an integral part of the new app. Usually I make all such sites as crummy as possible just to make it work. But this time I wanted to do things differently.

This site (https://ibrrus.ru) will now be the central repository for all my projects. This is where people who like what I do can find out what I’m doing this time. And, if necessary, contact me.

At the moment, I’m probably most in demand in the Project Zomboid community. I haven’t updated the mods in a while, and judging by the players’ comments, they don’t work properly with the current version of the game. Sorry friends, I’ll get my act together soon and update them.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for updates on the site or in the Telegram-channel