AppStore discount tracking bot

I got my first Apple device when I was in college. Having received a good scholarship for my near-scientific work, I bought myself an iPad 4.

In the AppStore you could always find a good and useful application, but I did not always want to spend a lot of money on this application. That’s when I found AppZapp, which helped me save a decent amount of money on buying games and apps.

In 2018, after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came out, the AppZapp app was unable to rearrange itself to comply with it, causing all services to stop and data to be deleted. Waited a while in hopes that AppZapp would return, looked for an alternative.

As a result, not finding a decent replacement, in 2019 wrote a Telegram bot (Appmapbot) whose main functions are to track prices from the “Wish List” and display a graph of price changes. The bot tracks iOS and macOS apps from the AppStore.

A little later (in 2020) created two Telegram feeds reporting price changes for apps with a good rating and a large number of downloads:

AppStore Discounts (RU):

AppStore Discounts (US):

Screenshots from the app AppMapBot